FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions

? Why do I need a supplement if my dog eats a premium dog food and drinks plenty of water?

  • A good feeding and watering routine is just the start for a hard working hunting or competition dog. Our supplements are not intended to compensate for poor management and inadequate nutrition, they help optimize your canine athlete's ability to perform in ways that go beyond feed and water.
  • After Exercise Recovery Supplementation (with Elements R ) helps speed glycogen replacement, muscle repair and hydration needed to get your dog ready to go again. Without supplements, it can take 24 - 36 hours of rest to get back to "normal" pre-exercise levels. Adding a post exercise supplement to your routine can dramatically reduce the time to full recovery to a fraction of that seen from just feed and water.
  • Adding a Pre-Exercise Hydration Supplement (with Elements H ) helps your dog hold up addition water in her body's cells that can be available during exercise to help delay dehydration.

?  How do I contact Elements Nutrition directly?

  • "Contact Us" Link  https://www.elements.dog/pages/contact-us
  • phone/text to 612-756-4578 (please leave message)
  • Send an email to customerservice@elements.dog