Elements H 32 oz Flip Top
Elements H Product Size Options 32 oz, 64 oz & Gallon
Elements H Hydration Back
One oz Dispensing Pump
Elements H Pre-exercise Hydration Beverage
Elements H 64 oz / 1/2 Gallon
Elements H One Gallon

Elements H Pre-exercise Hydration Beverage


Elements “H pre-workout superhydration concentrate supplement for dogs as an aid to prevent dehydration. Used 1-2 hours prior to exercise, mixed 1 oz per 75# into 24-32 oz water. Provides protection against dehydration and loss of cooling during hunting, training or exercise in hot or dry conditions. Also given as a 1-5% solution in water (1½ - 6 oz/gallon) throughout the day.

Note: DISPENSING PUMPS ARE NOT INCLUDED. Optional 1oz Reusable Dispensing Pump for Gallons and 32 oz (with modification) is available for $5.99. 

Also available in easy to use 3.5 oz Sport Pack Pouches

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